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October 30, 2005



Where in my comment does it say all muslims are guilty? Don't put words in my mouth. But it so happens that the problem IS the religion. You need to do some reading on the precepts of taquiyya and kitman, provided for in the Koran by Mohammed himself. Read it, and read some of the stated goals of islamofascists who intend to take over the entire world. It is stated, among other things, that to kill an infidel is a positive thing. The thinking behind these beheadings is madness, but the people who believe it are religious zealots. They are the ones whose movement is growing across Europe and the Pacific Rim. If we take no action, one day their movement will affect YOUR daily life, and if you are an atheist, agnostic or Christian, they will cut your throat from ear to ear. And the muslim community at large will remain, as they are now, silent about your death, with no recriminations or vows to stop the violence. Here's a place to start:


But Stacy, accusing in not what Jesus taught us too.
Christianity is all about Love.
Besides I think all Christian now the famous verse "Love your enemy"

It's not clear yet who did that inhuman thing.
By blaming any party like that without proof is very not Christian, and it can cause trouble or even initiate dangeorus situation instead.

If we want to mend the world, stop the hate. Spread the love, not hate


Regardless of who's behind this hideous crime, your fallacy is in drawing conclusions about the whole of Islam based on this. Islam, Christianity, and many other faiths have edicts against killing, yet extremists claiming these faiths use bizarre logic to justify horrific acts.

The problem isn't the religion - history is full of murderers who profess a religion or none at all. You can just as easily find examples of murderous Jews, Christians, Buddhists, Hindus, and so on.

The problems are intolerance, ignorance, hatred, and violence. Don't let this act foster intolerance or hatred in your heart. If you do, the problem gets worse.


We can be pretty certain it is not a group of Christians that is guilty. Claims of responsibility have already been made and they are from an islamofascist group in Indonesia. I'm not surprised at that. Eventually, the Americans who are not lobotomized by the MSM will rise up, and we are going to get really truly nasty with those cowards. They will get eradicated from the earth, since that is the only way to stop them. And they have made it a matter of either them or us. I can tell you with certainty that it is not going to be us.

Stacy L Harp

Thanks for your comments. Tell ya what, if we find out for sure the evildoers who did this were not Muslim extremists, I'll apologize . Until then, my comments stand.


>>Islam...yeah...a nice peaceful religion. Give me a break!

it's not yet clear if the butchers are Muslim or have any religion.

Please don't worsen the situation in my country or in the world by making such inrresponsible comment.

I like your site, but I don't like biased, or unfair news, moreover, that's not what Jesus taught us.

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