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September 02, 2005


Diana N. Shaw

Certainly Islam is a religion more likely to produce and support persecution that Christianity, although those who wish to persecute will use any religion (or none!)to do so. A witness to Christianity's basic hostility to persecution is Roger Williams's third title in his famous exchange with Mather: "The Bloody Tenet of Persecution Made Yet More Bloody by Mather's Attempt to Wash it White in the Blood of the Lamb"! The blood of the Lamb was clearly NOT shed to inspire bloodshed, but rather to end it.
HOWEVER, that having been said, it seems clear that it is not Islam, a recent arrival in America, that has eroded our religious freedoms. That attack has very clearly arisen from the quarter of atheism, agnosticism, humanism -- or even that older and cruder form of irreligion, hedonism. Christianity in our society has been assailed by these forces since our country's very beginning, when the forces of the French enlightenment equated all religion with superstition. They are still making that equation, and also they also equate the spirit of faith with the spirit of persecution.
It is chiefly to combat that latter error that Christians must educate themselves on Islam, so that we can be ready to distinguish the founding doctrines of Islam from the founding doctrines of Christ as logical and hospitable potential breeding grounds for hatred, mayhem, and murder. The Christ who in agony forgave those who were driving nails into His body did both in word and in example absolutely forbid and repudiate hatred and persecution in any form. Mahomet in many places clearly enjoined them. While we recognize that many Muslims do not choose to follow the "bloody tenet of persecution" themselves, we must point out this distinction between their faith and ours in answer to the militant atheists (and allied pseudointellectuals) who dip their own intolerant broad brushes into the hue of Muslim terrorism to paint ALL religion blood red!

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