Persecution Blog: The Bible Not Allowed in Saudia Arabia

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August 08, 2005



Just want to thank you and tell you that your appreciated. Thanks for enabling me and along with thousands of others to join in prayer in the name of Jesus for these who are being persecuted. Ive been called into the missionary feild and all i know is that God's given me a huge heart for the persecuted and the un-reached. I beleive God will put me in a position to do something about it with my life. I always pray for the persecuted and with ministrys like your i can pray specifically for people. Thanks. One day you might cover a story on me and enable Christians to pray on my behalf and thats conforting . Thanks!keep it up !


Makes you wonder why some preachers still tell everyone not to worry there will not be any tribulation that the church will just be raptured and live in heaven while everyone else is going through the tribulation. I think they are too late, the tribulation is already in progress. And I think it will last longer than 7 years, it has been going on for 2,000 years.


Remember, in the USA at least, the King James Bible is in the public domain. You can download a pdf copy from if you wish.

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