Persecution Blog: The Racial and Religious Hatred Bill

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June 17, 2005



I would have to disagree with Ghostwalker's spin. In the Koran there are many verses which talk about killing the unbeliever it also says to respect the people of the book.
I fear that many Christians like Ghostwalker are looking forward to the 8th crusade


Hi Stacy. I did find you by way of LaShawn's page. I have heard about this bill in London. It's actually an attempt to stop people from telling the truth about Islam. You see most Westerner's have no idea that the Quran itself is the source of the killing and terrorism, it's a warfare manual mostly aimed at Christian and Jews, but includes anyone who does not worship Allah. Unfortunately most people dont read the Bible, so we can't expect them to know what's in the Quran.

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