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June 22, 2005


jerome pierce

HI! my name is Jerome Pierce 53 Year old born again christian that is right now is homeless staying in a veterans homeless center in Dublin GA seems like I'd been homeless for 3 years & half today.1st I'm planning to go Swift Driving Academy in San Antonio,Texas for tractor-trailer Truck Driving in the next 2 weeks from today March 26, 2007. Need GOD Almighty to give me the Knowledge and touch my Brain to comprehend of shifting the gears which is double clutch & learn everything to drive & be successful till I'd retired from over the road tractor-trailer driving 2nd GOD to kept me from all demonic evil spirits that follows me or gets in people. 3rd to give me the spiritual strenght to do what ever I'd need to get the job done either need driving trucks or cast out evil spirits out of people thanks for your prayers for me brother Jerome

Charles Van Deursen

My Prayer
Of all the prayers which come to You from every tongue and land,
Mine must shine, 'though they be few; I make sure that they're grand.
I pray for peace upon the earth and "You're kingdom come."
The masterpieces that I birth makes others sound humdrum.
I speak directly with precision. I have a commanding air.
My prayer needs no revision; It's always perfectly clear.

But one day as I lay in bed, composing my next poem,
I thought of the other prayers which arise to Your home.
Crude and simple they must be; lacking proper grammer.
Voices crying out in agony as they moan and they stammer.
They beg for the "God of Mercy" to move on their behalf;
To save them from the jaws of death; to free from satan's grasp.
Children, without mothers, sold into slavery,
Simply because they'd bear no other 'cept the cross of Calvary.
Daddies put in prison because they love the Lord,
Tortured moms who are missing, or killed by gun and sword,
Others sick and dying with no hope of a cure,
These prayers pled with crying must move Your heart for sure.

Does my desire to pray out loud, to appear so debonair,
To stand out in the crowd hinder the effectiveness of my prayer?

The communication through prayer is unlike any other;
Contacting the Great Creator on behalf of another,
Bearing another's burdens with the most genuine care,
Lifting names to the Father knowing that He's there.

I'm so ashamed, so ashamed, I've felt 'till now, only my pain.
So little I've lost, so much I've gained.
Yet I continue to ask for blessings again and again and again...

Of all the prayers which come to You from every tongue and land...
Help me to make mine less attrative to me, more useful to others
And more meaningful to God.

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