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June 27, 2005


Gregory Cochran

I love this blog, and I love the book of Hebrews; so, I had to make a post. As Christians, we understand what others do not.

When I consider Hebrews 11:1, I end with a question about the "things not seen." The article quoted says these are things "we do not see." But I think we [Christians] do see, and that is the point. These things are not yet seen as realities in the physical world, but we see them. We know them to be true. The text [Hbrws 11:1] could be translated "the demonstration [or manifestation] of things not seen," which would mean that these realities are on display before the eyes of the Christian, even though they are not seen by the watching world--they have not yet come to pass. So, the author can speak of Abel who received a testimony from God; of Enoch receiving a witness from God; of Noah receiving a warning and orders from God; of Abraham receiving calling from God; of Isaac, Jacob, and Sara receiving promises from God; and then say "all these died HAVING SEEN and having welcomed the promises from a distance..." v. 13.
Those who persevere and do not shrink back are able to do so not because they walk blindly by faith, seeing less than they need to see, but, rather, they walk with eyes open to a Heavenly City that others cannot see so that they see more than is yet on display to the natural eye alone. They see a country far beyond their geography. They see a better country and a Heavenly one. They are far from blind. Hence, they persevere, even as Christ did, for the joy set before them. Soli Deo Gloria

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