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April 4, 2014

China: Bible Recipients Say THANK YOU

Since 1967, VOM has used innovative ways of getting Bibles to believers in nations hostile to Christ. From sewing Scriptures into the lining of clothes to carrying boxes of Bibles across rugged mountains on pack animals, we are committed to doing whatever it takes to get God’s Word to every believer. As our worker in China said, to “strengthen and challenge the local churches in the most difficult areas is my first priority. That begins with providing them with sufficient Bibles for their own use.”

In this nation that has been indoctrinated with communist ideology, the need for truth is great. “There were not enough Bibles when I just believed,” wrote a Chinese Christian who received a Bible from VOM. “There were a few believers who had Bibles. … I used to treat the words of Chairman Mao as the truth and I admired his words very much. But after I was saved and blessed by God, I threw the book of Chairman Mao away. The Bible is the most precious book in my heart now. No other books can compare with it.”

Here is another letter from a Chinese believer, thanking VOM for a recent Bible delivery:

Because that the number in the church increased recently and we lacked Bibles seriously, many brothers and sisters don’t have Bible and they just borrow from others. Thank God that your church helped us and donated many Bibles for us, which really saved us from the serious difficulties.

The church is the body of Christ and we are all body members in the Lord! Let’s help each other, encourage each other and pray for each other and wish we have the same mind in the Lord to revive the gospel! May God’s will fulfill in the church and then the church can spread the gospel and build more churches, and bring more people to repent, so that the name of the Lord can be glorified in every place! We wish that your church can continue to help us and we hope all people who come can have a Bible to read. Thank you very much! Thank God for making the church extended and thank God we lack nothing in Him! May the blessings, grace, peace from God and the fellowship of the Spirit be with all the churches! 


You can read more thank you notes from Chinese Christians who received Bibles through VOM's efforts here. You may also choose to support VOM's efforts this month to deliver 191,267 Bibles to Christians in restricted and hostile nations.

March 19, 2014

Should We Smuggle?

A couple of weeks ago, I was asked to teach a missions class at a Christian university. The topic was “Smuggling” and it was an excellent opportunity for me to share our perspective on a controversial topic. One of the reasons that the topic of smuggling is so hotly debated in Christian circles is that many misunderstand a biblical hierarchy of authority.

One fact is clear: persecuted Christians are asking for Bibles. What will we do about it?

Should We Smuggle

Richard Wurmbrand wrote and spoke often about Bible smuggling.

VOM workers take risks to get God’s word into hostile and restricted nations. We are willing to work hard to get God’s Word to spiritually hungry people!

There are several explicit scriptural examples of breaking civil laws for God’s purposes. Here are a few quick examples that Richard Wurmbrand, our founder, alluded to: Michal put a doll in David’s bed to deceive Saul’s soldiers (An innocent man that had been anointed by God escaped), Rahab helped the spies smuggle themselves out of Jericho (Rahab is referred to as an example of faith in the NT), and Mary smuggled Jesus to Egypt (The law of Herod would have obliged Mary to give him up to death).

These examples are compelling and are worth digging into further. But, perhaps the most compelling examples emerge during the earliest days of the Church.

Two key verses report the apostles’ response to the command to stop spreading the good news about Jesus: “But Peter and John answered and said to them, “Whether it is right in the sight of God to listen to you more than to God, you judge. For we cannot but speak the things which we have seen and heard” (Acts 4:19–20).

But, wait, the case for illegal activity in the name of God becomes even more compelling when you flip the page in your Bible to Acts chapter 5. The local authorities, the High Priests, and the Sadducees were plagued with jealousy. So what did they do? They arrested the apostles and put them in the common prison. Consider verse 19: “But at night an angel of the Lord opened the prison doors and brought them out, and said, ‘Go, stand in the temple and speak to the people all the words of this life.’”

What? Are you saying that an “angel of the Lord” actually told Peter and the other apostles to break the law? Unbelievable!

Of course, a few verses later we see the response from Peter and the other apostles: “But Peter and the other apostles answered and said: “We ought to obey God rather than men” (Acts 5:29).

Wow! What a defining moment! Little did Peter and the other apostles know that their reaction to these threats would radically impact the history of the Church.

This would not be the last time that the apostles would suffer for Christ—they would face many more opportunities to suffer for His name’s sake. Are we willing to take that risk?

Dr. Jason Peters serves in VOM’s International Ministries department, traveling frequently to meet with our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. He lived overseas for five years and has ministered in more than 30 countries as diverse as Cuba, Nepal, Iraq, Nigeria and Indonesia. He and his wife, Kimberly, along with their five children, count it a great honor to serve with the persecuted church.

December 9, 2013

"I Love My Bible So Much!"

Recently, The Voice of the Martyrs sponsored a Bible distribution in western Uganda. I hope you'll be encouraged by the excitement of this young woman, one of those who received a Bible:


With the help of faithful, generous supporters, VOM will distribute more than one million Bibles into restricted and hostile nations in 2013. If you'd like to be a part of deliving Bibles to Christians like this young woman, CLICK HERE to give online.

July 31, 2013

Do Christians Ever Really Retire?

What’s your plan for your life after you hit 65 or 70? Do you anticipate finally being able to relax, live off your 401k and play golf all day long? In my 20s, I’d never given much thought to that period of my life until I discussed it with a friend one day. She told me she didn’t think Christians had a right to “retire,” at least in the sense that we tend to think of it, where we live lives of leisure on the money we’ve saved up.

When I considered it, I realized I had two great examples of Christians who did exactly the opposite. When my grandfather retired from the Florida IRS in the 80s, he and my grandmother bought an RV, and then proceeded to travel all over the US and the world, spending several months at a time donating their time and skills to various mission organizations, all funded by his retirement plan.

Another couple from my church did something similar. When he retired from the police force, they began a second career as missionaries with Operation Mobilization. They didn’t need to fund raise for their income, because they were self-funded, again, by his retirement plan.

Some of our VOM partners have done similar things with their lives. Dr. Thomas Samuel spent years as a pioneer missionary and church planter in India. But as he entered what should have been the twilight of his years of ministry, he prayed a new prayer. He said, “Lord, give me a vision for my life that will inflict the most damage on the kingdom of Satan while I still have breath here on this earth.”

God’s answer was to give Dr. Samuel a vision to prayerfully place 1,000 Bibles in every district in India. It was a daunting task in a nation that has over 600 districts. But Dr. Samuel followed through, and he has now distributed 40,000 Bibles in some of the most hostile and unreached areas of India.

Recently, though, it looked like his work might be prematurely finished. At age 78, his doctor told him he only had three months to live unless he had bypass surgery on his heart. But in spite of the concern of his doctor and his family, Dr. Samuel did not go through with the surgery.

“I bypassed my bypass,” said Dr. Samuel, “and used the money for my surgery to buy more Bibles for the unreached areas of India… just to spite the devil!”

It’s been five years since Dr. Samuel bypassed his bypass, and at 83, he’s still going strong for the Lord, and he has become a strategic partner for VOM’s Bible distribution efforts in north India, an area very hostile to Christians.

So what’s your plan for your retirement years? Will it be golf and travel, or will you also ask God to give you a vision to inflict damage on the kingdom of Satan?

Dory P. has worked with VOM for six years. She grew up in Ecuador, met her husband while working with another mission organization, and now lives in Oklahoma. Between Dory, her husband and two-year-old son, they share five passports. Dory helps tell the stories of the persecuted through VOM's newsletter, and her husband serves with VOM's international department.

March 4, 2013

Kids grateful for Bibles

Bibles Unbound  is a VOM project that provides Bibles to people in countries where access to Bibles is limited. Most of the recipients are adults, but VOM receives delightful thank-you letters from grateful children who have been given their first Bibles through the program. These children may be the future Christian leaders in their countries.

The following are a few of the translated letters received recently from Chinese children to VOM supporters who provide the Bibles:

*Thank you for giving us the word of God to read it. When I was in trouble, it was you who helped me obey God.

I am not a model student. I still remember in Grade Eight, I didn’t study in class, and made trouble such as sleeping, making faces. I ignored what my teachers said. Later, my mother believed in the Lord. In the beginning, I didn’t believe. But after reading the Bible, I came to believe in Him. Sometimes I went to church to listen to the sermons. I felt meaningful. After believing in the Lord, I was changed. I was no longer a trouble maker. I stopped sleeping and began listening to my teachers carefully.

Lord, thank you for letting me know You. I will follow You forever.

*Respectful aunts and uncles,

Greetings! I am Wang, 12 years old. I am in Grade Six. From my childhood I went to church with my mother and she often reads the Bible for me. Several days ago, my mother gave me the Bible and told me it was your contribution in love. I am glad. God bless you.

Every day, I read two chapters and share them with my mother. The words of God are good. Once I played with friends. Two of them argued with each other, and they didn’t speak to one another. I had no idea [what to do]. Suddenly, one verse in Matthew came into my mind: Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God… so I did work with them and they both agreed to make their peace. I had the blessing of God. Thank the Lord!

I will read the Bible carefully, and use it to help more people. I want to become the one who loves the Lord like you. May the Lord bless us! Amen! Love you.

*Aunts and uncles, greetings!

The teacher of our church has given me the Bible from you. I am a student in Grade Five. I attend Sunday school. I believed in the Lord last year. I didn’t have the Bible. When my teacher asked me to recite verses, I borrowed from my classmate and copied. I asked my teacher for the Bible. She said when she had the Bible she would give it to me. I prayed to God: please give me the Bible. You see, [everyone had a] Bible except me. This year, when I went to Sunday school last time, the Sunday school teacher gave me one new bible. I was so glad to have it. After I got home, I told my parents I had the Bible at last. They didn’t believe and laughed. So I told them how I got the Bible. They were excited hearing it. They told me it was because of the grace of God.

I give thanks to God. I also thank you for your contribution in love. I appreciate your help to house churches. May everyone have the Bible to read.

God remember you. Bless you, revive your church and add believers to your church. Amen.

*Spiritual fathers, peace from the Lord!

I am a student. I have been in Sunday school from my childhood. I often tell my classmates the story of Jesus and they listen to me carefully. I thought how wonderful it would be if there was the Bible for them. I have prayed to God for it over one year. The day before yesterday, when I came back home, my mother told me brothers from a distant place had supported our church with the Bible. I was overjoyed enough to jump high. Glory be to the Lord. May God bless you with good health, abundant life.Kidsofcouragelogo

*I am Liu, 11years old. I am in Grade Five in the primary school. Two years ago, I believed in Jesus with my mother. By the Bible and biblical books I know about the Lord. So I know I will trust in the Lord. I also thank uncles and aunts far away from us for giving us the Bible. I am willing to tell Jesus to my schoolmates.

(Edited from original sources for clarity)

VOM’s Kids of Courage resources help parents and educators teach children ages 5 to 13 about persecuted Christians around the world, and provide opportunities for children to serve and pray for them.  www.kidsofcourage.com

March 1, 2013

Help deliver 150,000 Bibles

Every month, VOM workers partner with local pastors in hostile and restricted nations to collect the names of Christians who need Bibles. 150,000 believers have asked us for a Bible. We know them by name, and we have distribution networks in place to get Bibles into their hands. Bibles

But we need your help. Join us in providing God’s word to these 150,000 believers.

When you sponsor Bibles for these Christians, VOM will send you the names of those who receive your sponsored Bibles so you can pray for them. In addition to believers whose names we send you, there are others in nations like North Korea and Iran whose names VOM cannot reveal for security reasons. Though you don't know these believers by name, you can still pray for them and for the Bibles distributors who bring them God's Word.

Please join in this effort to distribute 150,000 Bibles.

December 4, 2012

Send Bibles to Restricted and Hostile Nations

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 1.45.45 PMThe two most common requests we receive from our persecuted brothers and sisters are for prayer and for Bibles. We can all remember them in prayer, and through VOM's Bibles Unbound program you can become directly involved in meeting their vital need for Bibles.

Today, Christians throughout restricted and hostile nations are quietly gathering the names of people who have asked for Bibles, both Christians and those seeking to know more about Christ. Once the names are collected, they are entered in the Bibles Unbound system under a designated "operation," and Bibles Unbound members can then sponsor Bibles for specific individuals.

A donation of $30 will cover the full cost of printing and secretly distributing five Bibles. You can then follow your Bible sponsorship online and access an archive of all the individuals for whom you have sponsored Bibles. An online interactive map will display the nations where you have sent Bibles, becoming a reminder of your partnership of service with today's persecuted church.

Imagine the joy of believers in restricted nations who receive complete Bibles in their language for the very first time! They will be encouraged by knowing the Bibles came from believers in the West who responded directly to their need and are praying for them. Go here to join Bibles Unbound today or to learn more about the program.

October 30, 2012

We Need You To Help Send Bibles to Some of the Most Closed Places in the World

Screen shot 2012-10-30 at 5.22.27 PMIt's been a few weeks since I've mentioned Bibles Unbound to you all and since it's getting close to Christmas, I think today is a great time to do that.

Imagine with me for a moment the joy you will have if you join us in sponsoring only five bibles a month to give to someone in a restricted nation.   We've made it very easy for you to do and right now we need to have a little over 37,000 bibles sponsored. 

To join Bibles Unbound right now, please click here.  Give a Christian in a nation who wants a bible, and do it just in time for Christmas.

October 3, 2012

Over 2 Million Bibles Sent through Bibles Unbound!

Screen shot 2012-10-03 at 11.31.40 AMIsaiah 55:11 tells us the following:

So is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.

I love this verse because it just reminds me that I do not have to do anything and as long as I'm getting the bible into the hands of people, the Lord will take care of the rest.

Which is why I am very excited to share that our Bibles Unbound program has passed over 2 million bibles!  Isn't it amazing that 2 million more bibles have reached the hands of those who want one!!  I think so.

Nothing gets me more excited than knowing that people who want the Word of God, are getting the Word of God.  Which is why, today I want to remind you about this program and also ask you to get involved if you haven't yet.  This is a program that will reward you for all eternity as you get to touch the lives of those who will be receiving the bibles.

Right now we have a little over 39,000  bibles that we are needing to sponsor, so that someone somewhere else can get a copy of the word of God.  Not everyone is as blessed as we are and able to just buy the bible.  This is where you come in, for only $30 a month, you can have five bibles shipped to one of our restricted nations and be given to a person who needs one.

Think of the impact you can have on souls for eternity.  This is an amazing opportunity and ministry.  Click here to sign up today.  I promise you, the Lord will bless your efforts and generosity because His word never returns void.

September 20, 2012

Praising God for Bibles in China

It's been a few days since I've posted about our Kids of Courage program and highlighted this wonderful ministry to children and since there is a cool post on their blog, I wanted to make sure you that you all don't miss it.

The post is titled - Praising God for Bibles  - and it's so encouraging!  The post highlights some testimonies from our Bibles Unbound program, which helps get bibles sent to people in restricted nations. Here's one letter that I know will encourage you.

Dear body members in the Lord,

By the name of Jesus I greet you in Jesus Christ. Here I give thanks to you for the Bible from you. Let’s pray together for more people’s contribution and more needs to be met, so that the world will be filled with the teachings of God.

Hallelujah, praise the Lord! When I received the Bible, I liked it so much that I couldn’t put it down. At last, I have my own favorite Bible. I really thank God for his grace! I give thanks to God for the Bible and to brothers and sisters who buy them for us.
When I heard the Bible was free, the Bible was shaking in my hands! Why the Bible was shaking was that I trembled when I understood you loved God so much.

Thanks for your generous giving!


If you'd like to get involved with Bibles Unbound, it's very easy. Please click here to read about our program and join today!