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May 09, 2014


Kenneth Vaughan

To D: there is no reason to give credence to the thought that North Korea believes what they are saying. There have been no terrorist in North Korea, there is zero evidence of Christians involved in human trafficking in North Korea. The North Korean authorities know that they are making this up. If they sincerely thought what Christians are doing is wrong, then they would not have to lie.

If I have correctly identified the incident you wrote about, this took place in an extremely specific social contest, incomparable to what's going on with Christians in North Korea or virtually anywhere else for that matter. These Christians you mentioned, who did something I believe they should not have, were involved in an armed conflict, in which Christians were recently victims of genocide and rape as a weapon if war coming from a specific rebel group. They likely had political allegiances aside and possibly in conflict with their Christian faith.

Christians are also victims of genocide, imprisonment in deplorable conditions, and sexual violence in North Korea, but sadly, this is not a new armed conflict, that has been what they have been facing for half a century.

keijo leppioja

Thank you to the lord that we have great opportune in our the church to pray for those people who are persecuted today so many time and my hearts begin weap for those so ofter, thanks and bless and we will pray for presecute peoples in Jesus name ,keijo sweden


Let me respond to my own comment. I want to be clear that I'm not being uncompassionate to my brothers and sisters being persecuted what I mean is persecution of Christians spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ in a way honoring the person and teaching of Christ means they are being effective and making in roads for the Kingdom of God. The Apostles celebrated and praised God because they knew if they were arrested it meant they were being effective in honoring the Lord. I pray for my brothers and sisters in prison and suffering for Christ in other ways.


As a Christian and knowing church history I have to say throughout history and today there have been Christians who have done un-Christ like things. There maybe genuine Christ following missionaries but before we stand aghast do we know for sure there aren't "Christians" doing political stuff they shouldn't be? I just read an article where "Christian" militia in some country shot up Muslim caravan heading to a refugee camp. Now I don't tend to give a lot of value to what North Korea leadership says in the same note if its an Athiest country then genuine Christian missions could be seen as subversive and a threat to that country. If Kim is a god then Christianity could be seen as a threat to people worshiping him and again subverting the government. Now I'm not against genuine Christian missions Im just saying from their view point the accusation isn't as far fetched as you think it is. And it should be something worth celebrating not complaining about. I think Christians do far too much complaining and far too little celebrating. Our ancestors sang hymns and praise to God while being persecuted. Jesus told us we would be.

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