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July 26, 2013



Although I do not have any Muslim friends, I would love to. Definitely will keep this in mind when that day comes. Looking forward to it.

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A family I know framed the Lord’s Prayer in Arabic calligraphy and hung it in their entryway. You’d better believe every Muslim who walks through their door notices that work of art! “Where did you get this?” they exclaim. This gives my friends an opportunity to share Jesus’ prayer with Muslims for the first time.


My Muslim friends often have to leave our online conversations to go pray, so I'm not shy when I leave for Christian worship. Maybe I should be a little less open about it. But this practice has opened the door to all sorts of questions like "Why don't Christians wash before prayer", which have in turn opened the door to preach the Gospel. I also like to ask questions about their religion, especially as it relates to daily life. Questions like "Can Muslim women paint their toenails?" open the door to an honest dialogue about our religions. If you take an interest in their life, they take an interest in yours.

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