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June 13, 2013

More Attacks on Pastors in Tanzania

Earlier this week, we shared a video report from Gary Lane in Tanzania that included the story of Pastor Mathayo Kachili, who was killed because of his faith in Christ. Pastor Kachili’s story is also included in VOM’s June newsletter.

Tz-mapThe persecution of Christians in Tanzania continues. On the night of Sunday, June 2, the home of Pastor Robert Ngai in Geita town, northeastern Tanzania, was attacked by a large group of radical Muslims. The attackers broke into the home and attacked Pastor Ngai with machetes. The pastor received serious cuts on his hands and arms when he raised his arms to protect his head from the blows. Doctors at the local hospital said the injuries were beyond their ability to treat, and urged that he be rushed to a hospital in a nearby, larger city for treatment. Ngai is the pastor of the Evangelical Assemblies of God Church. At last word from VOM contacts, he was still in ICU.

Two nights before the attack on Pastor Ngai, the home of Pastor Daudi Nzumbi in Geita also came under attack. Pastor Nzumbi leads the Free Pentecostal Church of Tanzania (FPCT) congregation in Geita. Thankfully, the attackers fled after they were confronted by Pastor Nzumbi’s large, barking dogs.

When Pastor Nzumbi heard his dogs barking, he looked out the window and saw the attackers. He called the police, but the officer in charge told him, “I cannot protect every pastor!”

VOM contacts are working to get more details on these attacks, and to offer encouragement and assistance to these two pastors and other Christians in Tanzania affected by violent Islamic attacks. Please continue to pray for Christians in Tanzania as well as for their persecutors.


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if GOD not protect then call human (police) to protect, if human (police) can not protect then use animal to protect. How about use many snakes cobra around house, cobra will protect house from evil strangers, cobra will attack kill evil strangers. or use other things to protect self (example : electric-shocks guns pistols samurai knifes spears grenades bazookas etc)

or put mines around house, or put traps around house, or build strong safety house that no one can enter house except the owner house, or use hypnotize machine to hypnotize the evil strangers, or use mind changer machine to change mind of strangers from evil to good,

if all that (human, animal, things) can not protect then final best way is call JESUS to protect.

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