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February 01, 2013


Katherine Harms

When I started blogging about the culture war in the US, I wrote a post refuting a central proposition in the secular war against God's design for human sexuality. Before I posted it, I felt real fear about the responses I might receive, but then I prayed again that God would reassure me that he had called me to write this message. I remembered that Jesus said that as we go about teaching others what he has taught us, he will be with us. I pressed 'submit' and never looked back. I get some aggressive reactions when I assert the principles of faith, but I am learning to love the responders and pray for them. I learned that from the stories of people who endure real persecution. I realize now that my experience of cultural rejection is nothing to compare with real persecution. After I understood that, I lost my fear of the culture war. I pray always that I may write and speak Christ's message, and as long as that is my work I think I can be fearless about it.


I left Catholicism...


Only fear of ridicule. In high school I led a prayer before lunch in the cafeteria. I was branded as one of those weird Bible club kids. After college I was accused of using Christianity as a crutch, etc. Also being homophobic.

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