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February 14, 2013

Making a difference from your desk

"But the mercy of the Lord is from everlasting to everlasting on those who fear Him, and His righteousness to children's children" (Psalm 103:17).

I recently interviewed a strong leader from Vietnam, Pastor Dong. "You can be an international mission worker without ever leaving your knees," he said. "When you pray in America, you are working in Vietnam."

This reality was experienced in a profound way by one of our VOM support staff recently. Our International Ministries team includes many field leaders, and each region is supported by Regional Coordinators. These administrative professionals communicate regularly with our field leaders. Most of their conversations are via e-mail, and they occasionally talk on the telephone or as part of a video teleconference. The RC's role is to help manage projects, to review documentation and to enhance the overall communication between the field and the home office. In spite of the close-knit relationships they share, they rarely have the opportunity to meet in person those they support who are serving "on the front lines."

Last Saturday morning, I was honored to be able to call "Aimee," one of our Regional Coordinators, with some great news. One of our field leaders in South Asia had just excitedly informed me that he and his wife had adopted a newborn baby girl who was abandoned at the hospital only three hours after she was born. Our leader and his wife heard about this child, traveled to the hospital and, after much negotiation, were able to adopt the now 35-day-old baby girl! Aimee_baby

This blessed girl will now be raised in a Christian home along with their other children, while her family faithfully ministers in a very hostile country.

As I digested the news about their new family member, our leader shared one more thing. "Would you please tell Sister Aimee that we named the girl after her?" he said. Wow. What a humbling experience. Aimee has never had the opportunity to meet this family; in fact, she's never even been on an airplane. But she has loved, served and prayed for this family…all from her desk.

A few days later Aimee received this e-mail: "Dear sister Aimee, we have adopted one daughter and named her after your name because you are very special to me and my wife…As she grows I will send you update pictures of her. Please pray, for she is like your granddaughter. Hope one day you will meet her face to face. Thank you sister. You are our family member."

Will you pray with us for our "extended family" members who are boldly standing for Jesus? We will continue to love, serve and pray for them so that we can make a difference for eternity—even from our desks!

YOUR TURN: How are you making a Kingdom difference in your workplace? Has anyone ever done something special or surprising to honor your Kingdom service?

Dr. Jason Peters serves in VOM's International Ministries department, traveling frequently to meet with our persecuted brothers and sisters around the world. He lived overseas for five years and has ministered in 28 countries as diverse as Cuba, Nepal, Iraq and Indonesia. He and his wife, Kimberly, along with their five children, count it a great honor to serve with the persecuted church.


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pray pray pray :
may GOD always love all of us forever amen .
may GOD always mercy to all of us forever amen .
may GOD always help all of us forever amen .

if vise versa then what will you do ? ....... ....... .......

Awwwww, SO sweet. What a great testimony...we all have a part in this Body!

A precious story, as are most on this site.

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