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January 11, 2013


Nanette Luby

I am glad that VOM takes care to protect our brothers and sisters in Christ! We should be wise as serpents and innocent as doves the Bible says!

Edgar Martinez

Is great work and vision of brothers of VOM, because have sensibility and care for the brothers in hostile grounds. God Bless you, VOM`s brothers for great work and care over our beloved brothers!


If the VOM staff does what they think is fit for the safety of my brothers and sisters, I am fine with that. There are enough pictures in the magazine and online to burn the image into our hearts and spur us into prayer for these precious ones.


First off, thank you for this clear explanation. Of course, if possible, I like to see photos; It definitely personalized things more, especially for kids. But if the picture is there, and their face is blacked out, it doesn't take much away from the picture. Sometime it's wonderful to see Jesus shining in their eyes, but THEIR safety comes first.
As for the story, it's the testimony of Jesus in their lives that is what we want to hear; Leaving out little details to protect individuals doesn't bother me at all :-)
Once again, thanks for the post! It's interesting and helpful to know some of the "behind-the-scenes" :-)

William Powell

I knew that there had to be a specific reason why the faces were being covered for security reasons. But your explanation is a good one for people who were like "huh?"

Cheryl Petersen

It does not matter if their faces are covered or not. Prayer is impartial and all-inclusive with the power to overcome persecution. Thanks for all the good you are doing.


I think the safety of the people being persecuted is primary. We should be willing to pray for those whose faces and names we may never know. We will meet them in Heaven, and see their glorified faces then.

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