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January 10, 2013

Extreme Temptation

In all the years of their marriage, Sabina Wurmbrand had never wavered in her love for her husband. But it had been many years since she had heard news of him in prison. There were even rumors that he had perished. But she felt God telling her to hold on and believe. Would they be together again someday? R&S

Sabina was still young, and, with a teenage son to raise, she often felt the temptation for love and companionship. So when a kind, handsome Christian named Paul started coming and helping her son with his studies, it was only natural she should feel attracted. Sometimes he would take her hand as they walked together or look longingly into her eyes.

Finally Sabina made the most difficult decision. She knew that if she were to continue believing that she would be reunited with her husband, she must avoid all temptations and focus on God's promise to her. She asked Paul not to come around anymore. He understood and graciously complied.

A short time later, God rewarded her faithfulness. One morning while she was in the church scrubbing floors, she received a postcard. It was signed "Vasile Georgescu," but her husband's handwriting was unmistakable.

Her eyes filled with tears as she read the words, "Time and distance quench a small love, but make a great love grow stronger."

The stories of the persecuted church are about real people with real emotions. The protagonists in the stories that VOM shares are not some paper doll pinups of perfection. The Voice of the Martyrs is the unmistakable voice of reality and truth. Sabina maneuvered through temptations that came as a result of her husband's persecution. Her husband was being tested, yes. But her faith was being examined as well. Persecution touches us at a variety of levels. Yet as we have seen, those who for a short while are gathered up in its exacting grasp end up strangely stronger as a result. Like the Wurmbrands, your capacity for love will increase through persecution—if only you will allow it to fulfill its true purpose.

Extreme Devotion

This is one of the readings from the book, Extreme Devotion, available from VOM's online bookstore. You can also receive devotional thoughts daily via email. Sign up here.


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Beautiful example of the power of God's love and grace in the midst. Thank you for sharing.

Thank you for posting this excerpt. The testimony of the Wurmbrands continues to challenge and change lives through Godly wisdom and direction. They became overcomers by the Blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony.

So true. Jesus, help us to have a faithful heart to You, our true Husband!

Their Love for Jesus, each other and their neighbors is the trial of their faith which came forth as "pure Gold." This is just a small sentence of their story.

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