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December 4, 2012

Send Bibles to Restricted and Hostile Nations

Screen Shot 2012-12-04 at 1.45.45 PMThe two most common requests we receive from our persecuted brothers and sisters are for prayer and for Bibles. We can all remember them in prayer, and through VOM's Bibles Unbound program you can become directly involved in meeting their vital need for Bibles.

Today, Christians throughout restricted and hostile nations are quietly gathering the names of people who have asked for Bibles, both Christians and those seeking to know more about Christ. Once the names are collected, they are entered in the Bibles Unbound system under a designated "operation," and Bibles Unbound members can then sponsor Bibles for specific individuals.

A donation of $30 will cover the full cost of printing and secretly distributing five Bibles. You can then follow your Bible sponsorship online and access an archive of all the individuals for whom you have sponsored Bibles. An online interactive map will display the nations where you have sent Bibles, becoming a reminder of your partnership of service with today's persecuted church.

Imagine the joy of believers in restricted nations who receive complete Bibles in their language for the very first time! They will be encouraged by knowing the Bibles came from believers in the West who responded directly to their need and are praying for them. Go here to join Bibles Unbound today or to learn more about the program.


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