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December 18, 2012

Persecution Podcast #143 and #144 - Prayer Requests & Inspiration



Screen Shot 2012-12-18 at 11.05.46 AMToday I want to remind you of our two latest Persecution Podcasts that we have recently posted for you.  On December 10th we aired our podcast in which we focused on prayer requests from Central Asia, Kazakhstan, Iran and Nepal.

Here is the prayer request for Central Asia and you may click here to read the other prayer requests and click here to listen to this short Persecution Podcast.

A young woman in Central Asia was kicked out of her home by her parents recently after a Muslim leader blamed them for the girl’s Christian faith. “Rebecca” and a group of other women gathered to comfort a young woman whose mother had died, and one of the Christian women prayed. While prayer is common in this Muslim-majority country, several Muslim women became enraged when the Christian ended her prayer in Jesus’ name. A local Muslim leader questioned everyone in the room, asking them if they believed in Jesus, and the Christians bravely admitted their belief. The Muslim leader then took Rebecca to her parents’ home and blamed them for their daughter’s Christian faith. Though Rebecca’s parents aren’t strongly opposed to Christianity, they forced her to leave the home out of fear of their neighbors. Pray for Rebecca as she adjusts to this change in her life, and pray that the community will be positively affected by the faith of these young people.


Then on December 14th we aired another podcast in which we discussed the nations of Algeria, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria and India.  Please click here to listen to this short episode and please share with your praying friends.
Here is a specific prayer request for Nigeria. As you know, Nigerian Christians have suffered tremendously this year. Please pray.
Suspected Islamists attacked two villages in Borno state on Dec. 1, killing at least 10 villagers and burning four churches. The attackers, thought to be members of the Islamist group Boko Haram, went from house to house in a predominantly Christian area of Chibok on Saturday evening, killing nine Christians and one Muslim man. They also attacked 20 homes and a church in Chibok. The same night, extremists burned three churches and several other buildings in Gamboru Ngala village, near the border with Cameroon. Several police officers were killed in the second attack. State officials met with community leaders and senior church leaders on Monday, Dec. 3, to discuss how best to help them. Pray for those affected by these recent attacks, and pray that Nigerian Christians will support their persecuted brothers and sisters in Nigeria.


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