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November 15, 2012

Send a Gift to a Nigerian Child or Evangelist this Christmas!

As you know, we've been covering a lot of what has been taking place in Nigeria with all the persecution of Christians taking place there, which is why this time of the year is a great time of the year to remember the children of martyrs in Nigeria, as well as everyone who has been enduring the persecution there.

Jim Dau, the new President of The Voice of the Martyrs wrote the following which explains the opportunity you have to help.

Screen Shot 2012-11-15 at 3.13.54 PMDear Friends:

We thank God for you and your support of the persecuted church. Thank you for standing with our persecuted brothers and sisters who are helped through this vital ministry!

Each year, VOM selects a restricted or hostile nation for its Christmas Care program. This year, the project will help persecuted children and adults in Nigeria.

For Nigerian Christians, simply attending church can result in their death. Yet many Nigerian Christians refuse to leave, choosing instead to stand for Christ in a region where they are hated and violently persecuted.

You can bless the children of persecuted Christians with a Christmas Care pack for only $25. The packs will be filled with practical items such as rice, toiletries and notebooks as well as a children's Bible to encourage them in their faith.

For $75, you can provide a Nigerian evangelist or pastor with a Village Outreach Pack, which helps them spread the gospel in areas where Christians are persecuted.

These packs include a small library of Christian books, a "Jesus: He Lived Among Us" DVD, a DVD player, a flashlight, boots and a Bible in the recipient's language.

The Village Outreach Packs will help persecuted Christian leaders teach the Bible more effectively and reach people in remote areas.

You can sponsor a Christmas Care or Village Outreach Pack here.

Thank you for your loving support for our persecuted brothers and sisters. Please pray for our persecuted family in Nigeria this Christmas Season.

Jim Dau
The Voice of the Martyrs