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November 1, 2012

New Prayer Bulletin: Persecution Increasing

Screen shot 2012-11-01 at 2.37.07 PMFor many years, several remote villages in northern Sierra Leone have been controlled by militant Muslims, and no churches have existed. But recent evangelistic efforts have resulted in the conversion of a number of Muslims to the Christian faith. Village leaders, angered by the growth of Christianity, have threatened to harm evangelists if they don't stay out of their villages.

In one village, more than 300 people have converted to Christianity, including the village chieftain. Muslims in the village thought it was disgraceful that the chieftain had turned his back on the holy prophet Muhammad, so they elected their own leader. The village is now divided, and tensions are increasing. Some Muslims have begun to attack Christians as they walk to their farms.

In another village, Muslims attacked a Christian gathering. The evangelist had to flee for his life, and the welfare of the remaining Christians is unknown.

Source: VOM contacts, Be A Voice Network