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November 21, 2012

Nigeria: Hated by All

A few days ago we posted on our The Voice of the Martyrs You Tube page a lengthy interview with a former Muslim who came to Christ.  I want  to encourage you to take time to watch this video and hear a powerful testimony of how Christ came into the heart of this Muslim and now how he is standing firm for Jesus Christ having lost so much.

Here's the description of the video:

Suleiman Abdulai is a Nigerian Christian who accepts the persecution Christ promised. His Muslim family urged him to deny Jesus' name and even tried to kill him before finally disowning him. But, as Jesus promised in Matthew 10, the Holy Spirit gave him the words to speak when needed. And when he was being sought by killers, the Lord protected him. Although faith in Christ cost Suleiman his family, worldly possessions and reputation, he gained everything by taking up Christ's cross.

In this video interview Suleiman tells a bit about his life before Christ, his conversion, how he believes Christians should be reaching Muslims, and how he and his family are now.