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September 7, 2012

Judge Grants Bail to Rimsha Masih Accused of Blasphemy

Screen shot 2012-09-07 at 9.16.04 AMThankfully, we have some good news to report this morning regarding Rimsha Masih, the teen with Down Syndrome, who has been accused of blasphemy in Pakistan.  According to numerous reports, the judge has granted bail to Rimsha in the amount of what appears to be between $10,000-10, 500 American dollars.  Now the money has to be raised in order to bail Rimsha out of jail.

CBN News is reporting the following:

The judge set bail at the equivalent of more than $10,000. Human rights groups said her family will likely need outside help to pay that amount.

Masih's attorneys are hopeful local authorities will drop the charges altogether after the arrest of a local imam.

The Muslim cleric is accused of planting the evidence against her in an attempt to stir up violence against local Christians.

Mission  Network News is reporting other details about the bail:

In light of eye-witness testimony that revealed a set up by an imam at a local mosque, the judge, Justice Muhammad Azam Khan, granted Rimsha's release on a one million rupee ($10,500) bail. At the hearing according to CSW, lawyers called the blasphemy charge a trick to get up to 400 Christian families evicted from the girl's neighborhood.


Even with bail granted, the Masih family's safety remains in question. There's also a growing call for all charges against Rimsha to be dropped. Human Rights Watch issued a statement on the bail ruling and added, "The fact is that this child should not have been behind bars at all," the statement read.

If the prosecution continues, Rimsha's trial is not expected to take place for at least several months.

Ask the Lord to use this case to promote religious freedom for all in Pakistan. Pray that Christians in Pakistan will be the light that draws their neighbors to Jesus.

Please keep praying for this family and for the Lord to allow justice to prevail and for those who are guilty to be found out.

Source: Mission Network News, CBN News