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March 8, 2012

Secret Worship: N. Korea Defector Tells of Survival

The following video is from our friends who care about the persecuted church at CBN News. Please take a few minutes to watch this report and as you do, please continue your prayers for North Korea. I pray this testimony encourages you, and inspires you to pray and share your faith, as well as read your bible.

Here's the beginning of the CBN article:

SEOUL, South Korea -- Some North Koreans have been able to escape from the Communist country and its strict human rights violations. Kim Eun Jin is one of those survivors.

The 31-year-old was born in Pyongyang, North Korea. She was part of the nation's secret underground church, and her story has never been told until now.

America's Central Intelligence Agency estimates that some 24 million people live in North Korea. The best estimate is about 2 percent or 480,000 of them are Christians.

Full story here.