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February 28, 2012

Will You Help Us Write 251 More Letters to Imprisoned Christian Gao Zhisheng

Screen shot 2012-02-28 at 11.19.19 AMA few weeks ago we shared with you our goal to write Gao Zhisheng 5000 letters and I'm very encouraged and happy to share with you that we are so close to reaching that goal.  As of today, February 28th, we only need 251 more letters written.  In the last few weeks you've written 165 more letters to Gao and I want to thank you so much for taking action.  You're the best!

Now all we have to do is rally our friends, family and others to write Gao a letter of encouragement.

Please  click here to write your letter.   Please also share about Gao with your circle of influence on Facebook, Twitter and in your church and work environment.  Let's show Gao we stand with him in 2012.

You can also learn more about Gao's past and the torture he has endured, and may still possibly be enduring, by visiting FREE GAO and sign the petition.

Click here to write you letter now!  Thank you.