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January 3, 2012

Prayer Requests for the Christians of the Nigerian Church Bombing

Church Bombing

It’s very easy to forget about Christian persecution when one doesn’t live in a country that experiences persecution.

I wanted to bring this up today because Compass Direct has reported a follow up on our brothers and sisters in Nigeria, who unfortunately, do face potentially daily persecution. You can read the full report here.

Here are a few prayer requests we can glean from the report:

  1. Pray for all the members of the churches who have lost loved ones. Right now there is an estimated 45 people dead, and at least 73 people who were injured.
  2. Pray for those who were in the bombing and are now having a hard time returning to church because of fear.
  3. Of the 73 people injured in the blast, 50 of them were seriously injured.

    Many of the church members are still in shock. “Many of those who are directly affected [still can’t] comprehend what happened and why this kind of thing should happen,” he said. “They went to church and didn’t bargain for this kind of thing to happen. It is indeed a trial of our faith but, as in situations like this, we have no choice but to keep praying more.”

  4. There are 12 hospitals that are providing care for all the bombing victims. Please pray for all the medical professionals aiding the victims.
  5. Pray for Boko Haram, the group who took responsibility for the bombings.

    “We are called to forgive, as that is what Jesus taught us,” he said. “We should therefore forgive, even as we continue to pray for those who persecute us.”

  6. Pray for wisdom and the ability of the church members to forgive their persecutors and to protect themselves as wisely as possible.
  7. Pray for the government to help the Christians in Nigeria.