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January 12, 2012

Maspero Massacre: Egypt's Christians Cry for Justice

Gary Lane at CBN News has written a stellar piece about the recent massacre that has taken place in Egypt last year on October 9th.

You may recall that October 9th was a Sunday and Coptic Christians had gathered in Cairo evening, to protest the destruction of a church near Aswan. There were over 10,000 Christians protesting past hostile Muslims when they were attacked by army tanks and abused by army sticks. Twenty-seven people were killed and fourteen were literally crushed by the army tanks.

Of the twenty-seven individuals who were killed, Lane tells the story of Magdy Fahim.

Magdy Fahim was retired from his job at the American University Library. Maged said his father was a man of practical faith who often gathered the family together to read the Bible.

“He was teaching us to read it every day and to see what God is telling us and to hear the Voice,” Maged recalled.

“‘God does not want us to praise him by tongue; he wants our heart,’ our father told us,” he said. “I saw him every day writing the same verse from the Bible: God is my light and salvation, so whom shall I fear?”

Fearless, Magdy — along with 10,000 other Christians — proceeded past hostile Muslim crowds, toward Maspero.

“They were attacked by the tanks of the army, and he was hit with the army sticks they had,” Maged said.

One week later, Magdy — the devout Christian librarian — died from a brain hemorrhage caused by repeated blows to his head.

Coptic Christians need our daily prayers and today as you pray, please ask the Lord for justice to come to those who are constantly persecuting the church, but also for the Love of Christ to reach those who are tormenting His body.

Read more of Gary Lane’s article here.