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March 1, 2011

Monk, Workers Shot in Monastery Attack in Egypt

Compass Direct is covering another horrible story coming out of Egypt concerning more people who were shot by the Egyptian military.  Even though we are not seeing as much on television about the unrest in Egypt, please remember to pray for that nation.

Here's part of the Compass Direct article:

CAIRO, Egypt, February 28 (CDN) — One monk and six church workers were shot and wounded last week when the Egyptian Army attacked a Coptic Orthodox monastery in order to destroy a wall monks had built to defend their property from raiders, sources said.

The attack with small arms, heavy machine guns and armored personnel carriers happened Wednesday afternoon (Feb. 23) at the Anba Bishoy Monastery in Wadi Al-Natroun, 110 kilometers (68 miles) north of Cairo. After a brief argument with monks and workers outside the monastery wall, soldiers opened fire on the crowd, sending them running for cover, sources said. 

The soldiers then used armored personnel carriers to bulldoze the wall, they said, as the monks sang a prayer in unison, declaring, “God is merciful.”

A monk who witnessed the attack said on condition of anonymity that the scene resembled “a war zone.” 

“It was a miracle nobody died,” the monk added.