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August 13, 2010

Motive for Aid Worker Killings in Afghanistan Still Uncertain

Earlier this week we shared the sad story about the medical missionaries that were murdered in Afghanistan. After a few days, Compass Direct now has an update on some thoughts about the motive or lack of knowledge of a motive for the killings.

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Taliban takes responsibility, but medical organization unsure of killers’ identity. ISTANBUL, August 12 (CDN) — The killing of a team of eye medics, including eight Christian aid workers, in a remote area of Afghanistan last week was likely the work of opportunistic gunmen whose motives are not yet clear, the head of the medical organization said today.

On Friday (Aug. 6), 10 medical workers were found shot dead next to their bullet-ridden Land Rovers. The team of two Afghan helpers and eight Christian foreigners worked for the International Assistance Mission (IAM). They were on their way back to Kabul after having provided medical care to Afghans in one of the country’s remotest areas.

Afghan authorities have not been conclusive about who is responsible for the deaths nor the motivation behind the killings. In initial statements last week the commissioner of Badakhshan, where the killings took place, said it was an act of robbers. In the following days, the Taliban took responsibility for the deaths.