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June 04, 2009



I can't believe President Obama said the following: "Islam has a proud tradition of tolerance." I'd like to know how much he's studied history, because frankly I think he is lacking a significant comprehension of it.

Stacy Harp

Bill you are so funny....and thanks for your other comments friends! We LIKE>


I heard he's nominating an Apology Czar: http://jumpinginpools.blogspot.com/2009/06/obama-to-nominate-apology-czar.html


it just reminds me of when richard wurmbrandt had to open the eyes of the governement, and even the church, to the truth of what was actually happening. we need to pray that our nation's eyes are opened to the truth!

i'd like to know how he came about the number 7 million... that's quite a jump from 1.8 million.

John the Christian

I'm impressed he said anything at all, even if its vague.

Still, much more could have been said. If he is committed to peace amongst Christians and Muslims, as everyone should be, he should address the rampant persecution in the region.

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