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August 21, 2008

‘Christian Persecution Surged During Musharraf’s Rule’

This story was found on Crosswalk.coms Religion Page today and I thought the statistics were very interesting considering all the controversy under Musharraf.

Francis said that the Christians of Pakistan suffered enormous injustices, discrimination and persecution during Musharraf’s rule.

“Christians were not immune from persecution and raw treatment during the tenure of Presidents that preceded Musharraf, but the scale of Christian persecution was worst during Musharraf’s rule,” said Francis.

Francis put forward statistics of Christian persecution during Musharraf’s rule. He claimed that over 55 churches were attacked and maintained that 58 Christians were murdered while 275 were wounded. Pointing to the misuse of Pakistan’s controversial blasphemy laws, Francis said that 212 blasphemy cases were registered from October 12, 1999 to August 18, 2008.

He said that some 10 blasphemy-accused had been killed extra-judicially during Musharraf’s stint as President. Among the victims of blasphemy-related extra-judicial killings, he said four of them were Christians while the rest were Muslims.

Please remember to keep praying for those suffering in Pakistan.