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October 31, 2007

VOM is on www.myspace.com

The Voice of the Martyrs invites you to become our “friend” on the social networking site www.myspace.com.

Our page is located at www.myspace.com/voiceofthemartyrs. To add us, simply follow the link and click “add to friends.” If you don’t already have a myspace page and you would like to create one, click here.

On the VOM myspace, you’ll find pictures, video clips, banner and more. Check back often for new content.

Myspace.com was founded in August of 2003 by the internet company eUniverse. Currently, it is the third most popular website in the United States and the sixth most popular website in the world.

The Voice of the Martyrs looks forward to sharing the stories of persecuted Christians in this unique and expansive way.

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