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August 28, 2007

South Korean Hostages to Be Released... Maybe?

One of the reasons I love the medium of blogging is because it's totally interactive, and I have to tell you that even before I got out of bed this morning, I received a few emails telling me that the Korean hostages may be freed by the terrorist Taliban. What a great way to begin the day!

According to BBC News website the Taliban has agreed to free the Korean hostages.

But you may be wondering why or what the "catch" is. Afterall, terrorists aren't going to free their hostages and expect nothing in return, and especially after murdering two of the missionaries in cold blood.

Here's what part of the BBC article is reporting:

Seoul said the agreement was reached on condition its troops were withdrawn as scheduled by the year's end.

South Korea also agreed to end all missionary work in Afghanistan and stop its citizens from travelling there.

. . .
The BBC's Alastair Leithead, in Kabul, says no exact release date has been given, but the Taleban have said they will start working straight away to free them.

There has been no mention of money being paid, our correspondent adds, but it is thought that a ransom may have been part of the deal.

I have two comments about this. First, we do not know the date, and I'm not quick to jump up and down and rejoice because of that one simple point. The reason is because we are dealing with terrorists, and well, terrorists don't fight fair. And well, they aren't always honest. So, at least for me, I'll rejoice once the hostages are set free.

My second comment concerns the ransom part of this. I'm not an expert on South Korean relations and their policies on paying ransom, but I know the USA has a policy not to pay ransom. So I'm skeptical about ransom being involved.

And while I do rejoice that the hostages may be freed by the Taliban, I'm going to hold my excitement and joy until I see it.

Which brings me to a new prayer request - pray that the hostages would be freed and that the Taliban keep their word. And let's even step out and pray that missionaries would continue to enter Afghanistan and minister even though the South Koreans are agreeing to stop sending missionaries there.

We must remember that God told us to GO into ALL the world, not just the countries who want us there. And like it or not, the Taliban cannot and will not stop God from spreading His word. So we need to be praying that the Lord would raise up more bold and courageous saints who would dare to enter a country where militant terrorists want to rule the day.

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