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May 30, 2007

Holocaust Survivors in Israel

S6300354_3When I went to Israel last week one of the things that I was looking forward to was meeting the people of the land.  I didn't go on a full  biblical tour of Israel like many Christians.  Instead I had the opportunity to meet the Jewish people of the land including a few holocaust survivors, a victim of a suicide bomber and a member of the Israeli military. 

I also learned much about the disconnect between Christians and Jews and have a greater understanding as to why these relationships are so important...and often strained today.

The picture in this post is my husband Randall and me, with a married couple who were both survivors of the holocaust under Hitler.  We sat with them on the grounds of the holocaust museum and listened as they shared how God delivered them from death.

The woman shared her testimony about how at one time she and her mother and many others were actually placed within a gas chamber and they were going to be killed, however, something happened and the persecutors couldn't get it to work.  She said that it was amazing because none of them knew it was a gas chamber until after the fact, and yet God delivered them.

She also shared how she was forced to walk around nude and was given basically a burlap bag to wear in freezing cold weather while they had to work in the camps.  It really is an amazing testimony and I'm very thankful that there are Christians in Israel reaching out to the few remaining holocaust survivors.  This is one way the Lord is repairing Jewish and Christian relations and we all need to pray for that to continue.


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