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January 23, 2007


Dorothy Bender

I have your devotional and I have ordered some books and read the different testimonies. I often wonder how solft we are here in America----would all or most Christians stand up to the persecution? But I also feel so seperated from those being persecuted----prayer has no distance however. I have such a desire for the lost to come to Christ. Even one of my own is not a Christian---but just need to show love and concern --- it will have to be someone else than family to witness to her. She is against the whole family for being Christian. She is bitter over losing a daughter to crib death at 2 months----now 20 years ago. But God isn't limited to us---He loves her so much that He will lead someone else to win her. I just want all of my family to be firm Christians----but I desire this for others also.
Thank you for your literature. I am on Social Security---I buy when I can.

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