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January 23, 2007

Leading Guards to Christ So Christians May Be Encouraged

If you're like me then you really LOVE these devotions.  As I read this one today I thought to myself, "Could I do what Watchman Nee did to encourge other believers?  I'm not sure.."  Maybe you're not either.  But maybe it's a challenge.  Read it and tell me what you think below.

Watchman Nee, the Chinese church leader, had only six hours. He must lead the guard in front of his prison cell to Christ so that his letter of encouragement to Christians outside the prison could be delivered.

    Chairman Mao’s government was infuriated by the spread of Christianity in China. In order to stop the spread of this “foreign cult,” they had forced out or killed all foreign missionaries and had sent thousands of Chinese church leaders to prison or to “re-education through labor” camps. But the church still grew.  

  When the police discovered that Nee’s beautiful, powerful letters of encouragement were making their way out of the prison and into the hands of Christians, they doubled the number of guards and never allowed a guard to stand outside Nee’s cell more than once. They shortened shifts to six hours, hoping Nee would not have time to convert the guard.

    Nee told the guard about the Father’s love and willingness to give up his own flesh and blood so the guard could live forever in heaven. “Communism cannot get you to heaven,” he said. “Only the blood of Jesus Christ can do that.”

    Five hours into the sermon, with tears streaming from his eyes, the guard accepted Christ. Yet another soul was won for the kingdom, and yet another of Watchman Nee’s letters would be safely delivered.

If Christian martyrs teach us anything, it is that we must use creative energy in order to promote the gospel. Their ingenuity, courage, and even craftiness ought to awaken our own spirit for spreading the Good News. While not everyone has the opportunity to smuggle Scriptures into restricted areas, we can still be willing servants for the kingdom. It might mean having a cookout in the driveway for neighbors. It may mean signing up for golf lessons or another community class in order to meet nonchurched people. A new method of witness always risks consequences. But we should always be willing to take the risk instead of settling for mediocrity. Which describes your evangelistic life today? Mundane and mediocre? Or creatively energetic for Christ?


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I have your devotional and I have ordered some books and read the different testimonies. I often wonder how solft we are here in America----would all or most Christians stand up to the persecution? But I also feel so seperated from those being persecuted----prayer has no distance however. I have such a desire for the lost to come to Christ. Even one of my own is not a Christian---but just need to show love and concern --- it will have to be someone else than family to witness to her. She is against the whole family for being Christian. She is bitter over losing a daughter to crib death at 2 months----now 20 years ago. But God isn't limited to us---He loves her so much that He will lead someone else to win her. I just want all of my family to be firm Christians----but I desire this for others also.
Thank you for your literature. I am on Social Security---I buy when I can.

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