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September 28, 2006

Pictures of Christians Persecuted by Muslims

The following pictures are from VOM Media and are pictures of the Christians mentioned in the previous post.  I want you to look at these precious saints and remember them in prayer, and also remember that there is a militant enemy in the Muslim world that wants to kill you if you follow Christ.  This is just a tidbit of visual evidence.

Nig_image003 Mr. Aderemi Ogunmola's head injury
Aderemi was nearly beaten to death after being slashed in the forehead with a machete during the rioting.


Pastor Adeyinka and his burnt car
Pastor Adeyinka escaped his car before Muslim rioters engulfed it in flames.

Nig_image019 Christian market owner Kenneth with a machete wound to his head
Kenneth couldn't escape his business before the Muslim mob burned it down and slashed his head, leaving him for dead.

Nig_image043 Pastor Olaribigbe in front of his destroyed Celestial Church of Christ
The Celestial Church of Christ was one of 18 churches burned and ransacked in the Jigawa riots.

Nig_image044 Displaced Christians taking refuge at police barracks
More than 5,000 Christians have been in need of food and shelter after Muslims destroyed their homes and churches.


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as we share in Christs suffering,we'll also share in all His glory as faithful children. Life in this world is temporary...there are greater things ahead.

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