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August 21, 2006

KYRGYZSTAN: Muslim Mob Brutally Attacks Church Planter and His Son

800pxflag_of_kyrgyzstansvg The following information is taken from The Voice of the Martyrs Media department.  As I read through the atrocities that are taking place against followers of Jesus in this country, my heart just breaks.  Imagine yourself in this situation - would you stand?  Would you cave and deny Christ?  Join me in praying for the same faith and steadfast spirit these precious saints have.  Please pray also for the Muslim persecutors.

• With nearly 80 percent of Kyrgyzstan’s population ascribing to Islam, one Christian church planter and his son found themselves outnumbered and under attack by a Muslim mob in the town of Kara Kuldza on July 28th.

• In an attempt to put an end to his ministry, the militant group converged on the church planter and his son, beating the two and inflicting the father with serious head injuries, along with several broken fingers.

• The attackers proceeded to ravage the structure serving as the church’s meeting place, as well as the evangelist’s home.

• Once the Muslim mob seized all forms of Christian literature in the buildings, everything was thrown onto the street and set ablaze.

• Similar events frequently take place throughout Kyrgyzstan, where Christian praise meetings are often raided by Islamic mobs, according to the nation’s Bible League director. Muslim intruders make it a practice to warn believers that continued prayer and worship services will result in their homes being torched.

• There are a number of incidents where militant Muslims have violated the wives of church planters as a consequence of not disbanding and putting an end to their ministries.


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