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April 26, 2006



I have two concerns about your post. The first is the fact that you even ADMIT that you listen to a sick, lying, duplicitous, addict like Limbaugh. My assumption is, of course, that you were just kidding about that and you really don't listen to him and your "quotations" were some kind of ironic humor that I simply don't get. The second concern, however, is serious. I read your comments and then went to the link with the video presentation of the protest. My concern is that you somehow think that walking on a US flag is in some way an affront to Christianity. In fact, it is the US flag and those who "revere" it and "pledge allegiance" to it that present a SERIOUS affront to God and to all Christians. I hope you're not trying to make a statement to the contraty. I would concede that it is impolite to offend someone in the manner that it is presented in the file, but, otherwise, it is no more a "desecration" for a Muslim to walk on a flag than it would be for a true Christian believer who knows that Father's reign is not of this world.


Hi Stacy,

I am not sure that I would agree with your last statement that Islam is the largest threat to Christians around the world. In today's world, more Christians are still persecuted in communist countries than in Islamic ones. The problem is that we have only woken up to Islamic persecution in recent years and so it seems worse.

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