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April 20, 2006

Chinese Woman Cries for Religious Freedom

By now you've probably heard about the fiasco that took place this morning with President Bush and Chinese President Hu Jintao while they were giving a press conference. The press has been all over this story today, and I think for good reason.

China has an awful record on human rights and abuses and unfortunately the Chinese live under the rule of communism. During the press conference, Fox News has reported the following:

The visit was not considered an official state visit by the Bush administration due to concerns over human rights abuses, an administration official told FOX News. Bush has hosted few full state visits.

During Hu's remarks, a protester began screaming and was led away by security. The woman was a credentialed member of the media and member of the Falun Gong. In Chinese, the woman said: "Bush, stop him from persecuting" Falun Gong and, "Mr. Hu, your days are numbered."

Even though Falun Gong is not a Christian religion, never the less it is a religion, and I think it's easy to understand why this protester said what she said.

Agape Press is quoting Voice of the Marytr's, Todd Nettleton, as saying, "President Bush has brought up the issue of human rights in China [before]," notes Nettleton. "When he was in Beijing, he talked about human rights, he talked about religious freedom, and I believe it's a priority for him personally -- and I think out of that personal priority flows his conversation."

But Nettleton says it is unfortunate that the president does not have much to bargain with in order to achieve any real progress with the Chinese. "We've given [Communist China] permanent normal trade relations, the 2008 Olympics was awarded to Beijing -- you know, there is no great thing that we can say, 'Well, wait -- if you don't do this, then we're going to do this,'" he says.

"Obviously we're going to continue the trading relationships that we have, so there isn't a huge stick that he has to wave."

The bottom line is that we all need to be praying that those under persecution in China would be set free. We need to also pray for President Bush to stand firm and strong concerning human rights abuses.

Pat Robertson, host of the nationallly syndicated 700 Club, even said this morning that he believed the Chinese will be next world power. This should be a concern for every freedom loving person.


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I felt as disgusted as I could that President Bush later apologized to President Hu for the lady's outburst. That Falun Gong is not Christian is no reason for those of us who "for freedom [we] have been set free" to remain silent. I registered my displeasure with President Bush's apology to China's president. Everyone should contact their representatives in Washington and the White House to do the same.The First Amendment must mean something, and if threatens our own President's agenda when a lone voice cries out for freedom from religious persecution, there's something seriously, gravely awry with the President.

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