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April 20, 2006

Amazing Testimonies from Overseas

A VOM Worker recently traveled to Africa and South Asia. While there, he witnessed several amazing testimonies of the Lord’s healing power and redemption.

In one country, a man’s tongue was so badly swollen that he could no longer speak. Doctors told the man that he had cancer. VOM workers prayed that the man would be healed and left. When they returned to visit him, the man looked up, pointed towards our worker and his team and said, “Hallelujah!” The woman who had been looking after the sick man was amazed--this was the first word she’d heard him speak since he’d been in her care. After the workers left, doctors changed their diagnosis from “cancer” to “staff infection”, but this man knew that his healing came from the Lord.

Our worker also visited an amazing Christian couple. The young lady converted from Islam and married a pastor. Her parents were infuriated. Since they could not get the devoted pair to reconvert, they placed a price on their heads. In an attempt to take his life, attackers shot the young pastor through the head. He lived, but is now almost completely blind. Our worker said that the couple is still very strong in their faith, and they were incredibly open with him and his team. Doctors are hopeful about the pastor’s vision; please pray that God will work a miracle and restore his eyesight.

Despite hardships and persecution that exist in restricted nations, stories like these prove that God is mightily working in the lives of His children. Please pray that God will continue to bless these beautiful people. Also pray that those who fight Christianity the hardest will come to know the serenity and joy that comes from a relationship with Jesus.


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